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…change is certain.

COLOG, Inc. employees are some of the most experienced and highly-trained professionals in the field of borehole geophysics and hydrophysics. Our staff has extensive experience with a variety of subsurface investigations for a myriad of projects including: water supply, remediation, construction, geotechnical, mining, energy and research. The COLOG name is known both nationally and internationally, and in nearly every industry that can benefit from hydrogeologic information.

Overall, our team has more direct experience at geophysical and hydrophysical logging, applied hydrogeology, groundwater modeling and hydrogeologically-oriented well siting studies than any other single source or organization offering services today.

COLOG was founded in 1985 as a small, Colorado mining exploration company. Identifying new markets, the company entered the environmental scene in the 1980’s. Understanding technology transfer and applying it to trenchless applications produced new opportunities in the 90’s. And, with the new millennium on the horizon, 1999 brought new ownership with Layne Christensen Company expanding COLOG’s markets both domestically and abroad. The most recent ownership change COLOG has undergone is the purchase by long-time employees, Mike Culig and Greg Bauer in early 2015.

Our group continually consults and teams with various government, research and private entities to expand and further develop ideas, procedures and equipment for subsurface investigations, monitoring and evaluations. These on-going collaberations yield ideas that lead the way to better logging practices and results.

The COLOG name has a long-standing reputation as an innovator in the field of borehole logging. Downhole measurements such as Hydrophysical Flow Logging (HpL), Corehole Dynamic Flowmeter™ (CDFM™), Colloidal Borescope, and the newest generation of Acoustic Televiewers are recognized as industry-leading technologies. The overall suite of measurements we can provide for your project is the most comprehensive available in the industry today.


Michael J. Culig
Director of Geophysics


Mike Culig has 26 years of domestic and international experience in geophysics. His technical expertise includes: hazardous waste site characterization, geotechnical engineering evaluation, ground water assessment, monitor well completion analysis, well log processing and interpretation, surface geophysical techniques, and a wide range of computer programming skills integrating geophysical and hydrophysical data. As Director of the Geophysics Division, he provides technical and operational recommendations to improve efficiencies, results and profits.

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Gregory D. Bauer
Vice President
Director of Hydrophysics


Greg Bauer has 20 years of experience managing numerous hydrophysical and projects throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Africa. Many sites incorporated downhole groundwater sampling and wireline packer sampling into projects requiring contaminant evaluation. He has pioneered the development of new software to acquire, evaluate and model data.

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Nathan O. Davis
Operations Manager
Radiation Safety Manager


Nate Davis has 18 years of experience utilizing his geophysical and engineering background in the subsurface environment. He has been involved in numerous technical operational advancements in the area of borehole geophysics. He supervises operational controls including: field safety, engineer training, data quality and control, radioactive source safety compliance, software implementation and data processing platform design and geophysical data acquisition configuration.

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Daniel Wolters-O’Neal
Western Regional Manager
Senior Geophysical Technician


Daniel Wolters-O’Neal’s experience includes exploration and production logging. He has spent the past four years running and operating geophysical equipment in multi-hole core drilling projects where geophysical data is collected and used to evaluate mine water supply, underground dewatering, geotechnical high wall investigation, mine expansion and mineral production. His main expertise includes maintaining a proactive safety culture and handling client-customer relations to meet the demands required in the mining industry.

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James B. Grace
Southeast Regional Manager


James Grace has overseen large, complex subsurface logging projects that combined the use of hydrophysical logging, wireline straddle-packer testing, downhole geophysics and colloidal borescope flowmeter logging for comprehensive investigations for COLOG. Jim excells at managing large projects with many “moving parts”. He has vast experience with environmental, health/safety and systems integration.

Read James’ Full Résumé

Steve Stroud
Southwest Regional Manager


Steve Stroud has over 4 years experience in borehole geophysics, including exploration logging and interpretation for mining, environmental and groundwater applications. Previously his focus and expertise was in flow logging for both surveying and post flow calculations. Steve’s goal is to educate regional customers on the benefits of hydrophysics, introduce new and improved geophysical technologies and provide outstanding customer service.

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