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Since 1985, COLOG has earned a reputation for integrity, professionalism and expertise among a wide variety of industries that benefit from geophysical and hydrophysical technologies. These qualities have helped form the foundation of the company’s business relationships. And, we do mean “relationships”. We work closely with our customers, and their customers, to guarantee total satisfaction in every aspect of every project. Each member of the COLOG team – from field technicians to senior engineers, office personnel to regional management – is not only aware, but constantly updated on the progress of your project. It’s this team effort and our “value plus” approach that helps us get, and keep, our clients.


Fluid Flow Ore Thickness Contaminant Paths Lithology Porosity
Water Quality Mineral Evaulation Remedial Investigations Rock Strength Permeability
Moisture Content Slope Stability Site Characterization Fracture Detection Casing Bond Logs
Temperature Structure Permeability Compaction Evaulation Formation Dip
Water Level/Table De-Watering Integrity Studies Well Construction Water Supply
Well Completion Coal Quality Lithologic Correlations Pipe Inspection Coal Quality
Aquifer Characterization Fracture Identification Void Detection
Well Rehabilitation
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