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Nate Davis

Nathan O. Davis
Operations Manager and Radiation Safety Manager

Nate Davis has 18 years of experience utilizing his geophysical and engineering background in the subsurface environment. He has been involved in numerous technical operational advancements in the area of borehole geophysics. He supervises operational controls including: field safety, engineer training, data quality and control, radioactive source safety compliance, software implementation and data processing platform design and geophysical data acquisition configuration.

» B.S., Geophysical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines – 1997

» 40-Hr Hazardous Waste Site Worker 29 CFR 1910.120, 1910.146, 1910.1030
» MSHA surface and underground training
» Radiation Safety Officer/Radiological Well-Logging Supervisor
» DOT Certified Transport Driver

» Non-Destructive Geophysical Testing of Infrastructure and Geotechnical Structures
» Well Casing Completion Analysis
» Field Engineer Instructor/Trainer for Rocky Mountain Region
» Data Analysis Geophysical Survey Design
» Project Management From RFP to Final Report QA/QC
» Geophysical Applications Applied to Fractured Environments
» Assists in HR Responsibilities
» Provides Client Training Associated with Equipment Rental Division
» Oversees Radiation Certification and Tracking
» Works Directly with Compliance and Licensing Entities