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Dewatering Study Near Leadville, CO

A project involving hydrophysical logging (HpL) under ambient and pumping conditions was used to evaluate the vertical distribution of hydraulic conductivity in a mine borehole. The corehole was in a strategic location on site: drilled into a fault intersecting two separate geologic units assumed to be of significantly different heads. The expected yield of the corehole was below the useful resolution of the spinner flowmeter, but above the detection limit of the heat-pulse flowmeter. The Corehole Dynamic Flowmeter (CDFM) or Wireline Straddle-Packer (WSP) testing would have been excellent flow-logging techniques, however, due to budget constraints, no televiewer logging was performed. Without televiewer logging to assist picking test depths for either the Wireline Straddle-Packer or Corehole Dynamic Flowmeter, the hydrophysical logging technique allowed for a lower cost option to meet the client’s needs and budget. Data was used to design a dewatering plan for the... read more